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2007 Bike riding memories

Dear Marcellus Davidson Smith:

Nice photos; everybody looks just like I remembered in 1946 (MDS 6th birthday party).

Speaking of Nancy Lum, you were voted and acclaimed the smoothest ballroom dancer in our class. Pissed me off, because I thought football ends and basketball players were the best dancers; but you have photos to prove your championship.

Were you and Mardis really riding on Fairway Drive to see Betty Coulburn, of whom I lost track, when she went to Converse, or was it the beer and pretzels that Ned and Millie (Betty's parents) were serving?

I had forgotten the names, Ned and Millie, but now I recall. We biked to Mt. Brook Village, then up Canterbury Lane ( I think is the name of the road up the hill past the botanical gardens) and once on top, took the road almost to English Village where Betty lived. You obviously are familiar with her. I remember you living somewhere near that, near Mitzi Hodo as I recollect, but I could be wrong. Where did you live in those days?

Sometimes, Mardis and I would come down past Sally Marbury's house to where we could enter the B'ham country club golf course and bike across it to Montevallo Rd. where Canterbury joined it, and then home from there. I had a very bad bike wreck in a sand trap one night wheeling down the hill just below Sally's house, when my generator light went out and I was biking in the dark. Good thing I didn't hit a tree, and only dove headlong into a sand trap.

I didn't remember being such a good ballroom dancer. I think I must have had good partners that made us both look good.

Thanks muchly for the update.
Seems like Sally Marbury's driveway was quite hazardous. I used to pedal down her driveway, as fast as possible, and then at the bottom lean like a motor cycle racer with the left knee touching the ground to make the turn. One day I saw that I wasn't going to make it and would jump the curb. Like a dumb ass I locked up my rear wheel bendix brake and top coated the pavement with skin from my left leg, before I slammed horizontally into the curb.

Polly Fulkerson's older sister happened by and took me and my bent bike home.

To answer your question I lived in Redmont Garden apartments, until I was 9, and then on 22nd Ave. So., same street as Jimmy Brown, Marion Weldon, Bess & Jimmy Simmons, Bobby Applebaum, Billy Reed, Judy Schinert, Jane Forsyth, and Winston & Jack Martin.

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