Hassinger Halloween 1950 Photos & papers

These photos and invitation were submitted by Emily from a "Hassinger Halloween Party" on October 31, 1950 (guess we were in the 4th grade)

Here's the close up of Emily and Eleanor in their costumes by the witch that night.

Here's the group shot from the evening taken from the back of the Hassinger's house. I will have names and write up about the guest on this spot soon. I "think" I was in the black cowboy outfit down front right (Lash LaRue or Cisco Kid), but I could be wrong about that.

Here's what Emily says: "It is a good time to put it up for viewing, I think, a little bit closer to Halloween. It may be very interesting to many of us, trying to decipher who are the faces behind the masks.

I can tell some of the more obvious ones, but truthfully, I cannot say for certain which of "the twins" is which! We certainly did look alike at that age and it really must have driven many people to distraction. At the party we were supposed to be "gypsies" as I recall, but if so, we were the most Nordic looking gypsies I ever saw...

But I can recognize Kappie Chapman as a "ballerina" (no mask), Betty Timberlake (standing next to me, I think) as another "gypsy", Polly Fulkerson next to her (perhaps still another "gypsy"!), Marie France Lathrop as a "cat" (on the front row, with mask). My brother, Bill Hassinger, is the "ghost" child (I am holding his hand) on the front row and I don't know who is holding him also. Maybe someone else can come up with that ID. (Brother Hank was too small to participate.) Another interesting figure is the "cowboy", pointing his gun straight at the camera and standing next to a "tiger". There are several unknown pirates, clowns, two elephants, witches, ghosts, etc., who also need to be identified.

Classmates please help! If you can remember attending and what you wore, please tell us. But obviously all the guests were not in the photo, and some were not classmates but contemporaries. And so many were masked. It is a fine Halloween puzzle from the past, is it not?"

And here is the invitation copied onto yellow paper that was sent out before the party.

And this is one of the replies that came. This one from Roy Knight, complete with spelling error that was corrected. Most people called, but Roy did things right with a written RSVP.

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