Kappie Chapman Dunn Memory Page

Kappie lives in Decatur and brought these 3 photos to me at the 307 Clinton office across from the AmSouth building in Huntsville.

4th Grade "Health Play"

We know Kappie is 3rd from left in short skirt and was "Spinach". I also recognize Sally Marbury as the "Apple" next to the MILK bottle. If you can identify any of the others, let me know and I will add them to this writeup. Notice they made a contact print that had names reversed. This often happened, even in the newspaper (as you will see below).

The 3rd Grade, 1950 Minstrel Show

Anyone who can help me with names in this photo, I would appreciate. Kappie is working on the names and I will add them as I get them. I know I was one of the black-faced minstrels, but could not begin to pick myself out of the group.

Kappie's list so far. Cub Scouts on Left: Peter Barber, Charles Gaines
Cub Scouts on Right Charles Madanick,John Elliott or Sandy Parks, Jimmy Brown
American Flag Roy Knight
Top Hat Beamon Cooley
White shirt with satin tie Julius Linn

1st row girls: (group on left) Eleanor Hassinger, Mitzie Hodo, Sonny Goldstein, Betty Timberlake, Polly Fulkerson, ____________.

(center group) Kappie Chapman, Mary Dunn, Cathy Walker, Emily Hassinger, __________

(group on right) Jane Noble, Dodie Kessler(maybe), _________,Linda Hagedorn, Marion Weldon, Winston Martin

2nd row girls: (group on left) Margaret McCall, Robbie Cox, Sally Marbury, Grace Carmichael

(center group) Judy Robertson, _________, Gail Croft, Jeanie Walter

(group on right) Judy Hawk,Teresa Stains, ________, Sister Cabaniss, Barbara Noojin, Jane Stephens.

October 1953 Football photos & write up

Jimmy Drennen and Chip Gamble are seen here. Hand shake is NOT with left hand, so this photo was also reversed in the newspaper. The second photo shows Kappie Chapman, Mary Dunn and Mary Ann Orr between Buck Carter (left) and Peter Barber (right).

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