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Mountain Brook School
Class of '55 (Stories & Tales)

FLASH! REUNION April 24-25, 2020 - "THE 65TH"

Time until (Friday night parties) the Saturday Reunion is :

This site is dedicated to the Class of '55 and the past 50th & 55th reunion of our 8th Grade Graduating class in 1955. Weekend of April 24 (Friday) to April 25, 2015 was great.

Here is the Mt. Brook & Crestline (Friday night & Saturday Brunch) 2020 Weekend Events Schedule TBA:

This is a link to ALL class members names & addresses updated March 2015 for my mailing list.

SET: REUNION April 24-25, 2020 - "THE 65TH"

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Mt. Brook Elementary School current website http://www.mtnbrook.k12.al.us/MBE/ (click here)
30 Recent Photos of School - - by M.D.S. (click on small photo for full size image)
We are already getting a highly enthusiastic response from those contacted

I really need your photos, stories, and info about class members we still can not find (Phone, or address, or email, or anything at all). Simply email me:M.D. Smith - mdsmith@hiwaay.net with whatever you can find.

If you want to mail something to me, send it to the office at Smith Broadcasting, 307 Clinton Avenue, Suite 100, Huntsville, AL 35801. Office phone is 256-536-8521.

The list we have so far of our class members is here Mt.Brook Class of '55 ! This will let you see the names that we have not been able to locate yet, and the ones we have found. Feel free to email or communicate with some classmates of nearly 60+ years ago. Do it today, don't put it off.

Crestline Class of '55 list. Since we are having a joint function on April 25, 2020 (that night, TBA To Be Announced) with our friends at Crestline, I am helping them by posting and updating their class and contact list.

Request for Bio on YOU form Please print this form and return. It will be included in a book for each person who attends the reunion to keep.

Arrangements can be made after the reunion to purchase and have one mailed to you if you don't make it.

“Our years at MBS - Stories, Tales & Memories”

Winston and Betty in 1955 and 2004. We want your memories of times we had at Mt. Brook during and after school. We need photos, letters, and any memorbilia. All sent by mail will be copied and returned.

Even if you can't make the reunion for some reason, you will love this website. It will be the next best thing to being there.

  1. 1955 Graduation - - Auditorium photo, and the program book.
  2. The Memory Page - - bunch of short E-mail memories from our classmates.
  3. Memory Pieces - - scanned photos, articles and the invite to Sally's Lake in the Woods party.
  4. Allen Hill: A 1953 Lunch Room Story - - Bet You'll Remember This One !
  5. Bob(Bobby) Smith: Photos & Update - - And a couple of memories, sentence diagramming and the "S".
  6. Reunion Committee Report of Aug. 10, 2004 - - Mt. Brook & Crestline reps - Photos included of them.
  7. Emily Hassinger Memory Page - - Photos, newspaper pics & articles and a card signed by class members.
  8. Allen Hill Memory Page - - Photos, captions & a "Remember When" article.
  9. Charles (Charlie) Madanick - - The Paper Drives, Fire Escape, Music Room, etc.
  10. Mardee Houser - - Crestline 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Grade, DD club. Mrs Lums Dance photos.
  11. Eleanor Hassinger - - Newspaper article on our Class Officers (She was V.P.)
  12. Kappie Chapman - - The Minstrel Show, Football photo & write-up and "The Health Play" (who are the veggies?)
  13. Crestline Memories & Stories - - First is from Nini Agee Ward
  14. More Memories - - Remember Fender Skirts and Curb Feelers?
  15. Still More Memories - - Remember Howdy Doody, Ditto Spirit copies, Hi-Fi's ?
  16. Rick Paskowitz - - The Mt. Brook Playground - many memories & BIO from Rickey.
  17. Hayes Williams Story - - As told by Allen Hill who was "involved."
  18. Hassinger Halloween Party - - 1950 Photos, Invitation and a reply from Roy Knight.
  19. Crestline Teacher Photos - - 1955 photos submitted by Steve Coleman.
  20. Suzanne Hamilton Woodall - - Crestline graduation and other memory photos.
  21. Eugene (Hawkeye) Hawkins - - Recollections, thanks and apologies.
  22. Cathy Walker Crawford - - Photographs, snapshots, clippings, report card and recent family photo.
  23. Sister Cabaniss and Jane Stephens - - Photos, articles, newspapers that they sent. Combined on one page.
  24. 1979 class of '55 Photo - - It was the School's 50th Anniversary.
  25. Gail Croft Photos - - Third Grade Christmas group photo & Gail in Dancing costume
  26. Marian Weldon Hill - - Then and now photos and email from her.
  27. Mary Ann Orr Reeves - - 3 Great photos at Graduation parties and articles.
  28. Arthur Winchester Smith - - Four photos. Two of 1954 boys beauty pagent & 3rd grade class photo.(deceased on 11-1-06)
  29. M.D. & Bobby Smith's emails - - 2007 memories Biking through Mt. Brook and people & places we remember.

Special "After The Reunion" Section
  1. M.D. Smith's Talk Given at joint party at BCC on Saturday night 4-16-05

    ( In all 4 below as items 2-6, these are directories and you click on the directory of interest, then click on an image to view. If you want to download, RIGHT click and then click on "Save Photo" to save it to your hard drive )

  2. Reunion Photos All Mt. Brook photos including Sat. night joint photos of MDS LOW RES Internet size photos - quick download
  3. Reunion Photos All Mt. Brook photos including Sat. night joint photos of MDS HIGH REZ, high photo quality, slow download
  4. Reunion Photos All Crestline photos including Sat. night joint photos of combined LOW REZ, Internet size photos - quick download
  5. Reunion Photos All Crestline photos including Sat. night joint photos of combined HIGH REZ, high photo quality, slow download
  6. Thad Long Crestline photos including Sat. night joint photos of combined HIGH REZ, high photo quality, slow download
  7. Cathy Walker Crawford Photos from Mt. Brook School tour and lunch on 4-16-05. Classroom and lunchroom photos.
  8. Crestline Reunion Photos 24 photos from Friday & Saturday parties. Sent by Paul & Paula Henderson
  9. Newspaper photo & write up 5-1-05 In "Over The Mountain Journal" of reunion.
  10. Newspaper photos (3) & coverage 5-8-05 - In "Birmingham News" of reunion (132k). Or click for Hi-Rez 380k version. You can download this for good printing on full sheet of paper.

List of Pop Hits of 1947-55 - The music we listened to our years at Mt. Brook School.

List of HOTELS to stay - These are the ones close to Mt. Brook School and B'ham Country Club

A Few Parting photos of 1955 taken with a "Brownie Hawkeye" camera.

Left to Right: Margaret McCall, Sally Marbury, MaryAnn Orr, and Gail Croft

Let’s party in 2020! (We'll get you to bed early) Or write! Or Both!

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